With Clik Servicing Hub, we’ll help you reduce cost, optimise servicing operations & improve KPI's

Servicing Operations

  • Loan Set-up
  • Loan Abstraction
  • System Loan Set-up
  • Document Scanning


  • Tax and Insurance Monitoring
  • Re Tax Tracking
  • Insurance Covenant Monitoring
  • Tax and Insurance Deficiency Resolution

Portfolio Management

  • Financial Statement Collections
  • Financial Statement Spreading
  • Rent Roll Analysis
  • Inspection Analysis
  • Feed for Reporting

Clik’s AI-powered tools, servicing operations, surveillance and portfolio management support are powerful alone - but they’re even better together.

Clik’s AI-powered tools

We help you improve your servicing business.

  • Reduce operating expenses to stay competitive
  • Free up the teams time to focus on customers
  • Spend time on risk analysis rather than data input

Free to start. Affordable as you grow.

clik before
  • Before
clik after
  • After

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