Underwrite commercial real estate loans within minutes

Prepare industry standard loan models quickly by drastically cutting down hours of manual work of extracting financials from Operating Statements, Rent Rolls and Trailing statements.

Upload financial documents

Upload multiple financial documents (TTM, Rent Roll, OS) in any format.

clik Simple Drag & Drop

Simple Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop system lets you upload financial documents in seconds.

clik Upload Multiple Documents In Any Format

Upload Multiple Documents In Any Format

Lets you upload multiple documents in any format.

clik Personal & Secured Data Storage

Personal & Secured Data Storage

The uploaded documents are stored in your personal and secured data storage.

Automated Extraction of Key Financials

Clik engine extracts key financials from TTM, OS & Rent Roll and classifies line items for further analysis.

clik Fast And Accurate Extraction

Fast And Accurate Extraction

Clik engine extracts key financials in seconds with more than 99% accuracy.

clik Industry Standard Classification For Each Asset Class

Industry Standard Classification For Each Asset Class

Clik engine has learned from more than 6 mn sample classifications to map line items accurately.

clik Flexible User Interface

Flexible User Interface

Flexibility to change classification and check extraction provides more confidence when you underwrite.

Download loan model in excel format

Clik engine performs underwriting instantly and provides a downloadable excel based loan model with CF, CF summary, TTM, Rent Roll tab, TI/LC calculations, loan sizing tab and sensitivity analysis based on DY, DSCR, LTV and many more parameters.

clik Industry Standard Valuation Model

Industry Standard Valuation Model

Instant loan valuation based on multiple parameters (LTV, DSCR, DY) and standard cashflow forecasting approach.

clik Sync Back

Sync Back

Server side sync functionality to reflect changes in excel models back to the server.

clik Share With Your Team

Share With Your Team

Our platform makes it easier to share the loan model with other team members.

clik Customizable Loan Underwriting Model

Customizable Loan Underwriting Model

We provide flexibility to make change in loan model as per your needs.

CRE Automated Underwriting Process

Commercial real estate underwriting can seem like a long, drawn-out, and intimidating process.

However, through a CRE automated underwriting software platform, you can easily drag-and-drop your existing excel files from Argus or Excel to determine the property risk, value, and estimated cash flows.

The CRE automated underwriting process reduces time, errors, and loan bias with the click of a button. The software is entirely self-serve. You can upload a little data or as much as you want in any timeframe. With simple prompts and guides, you can have your automated underwriting done when you need it. The Services Hub does have dedicated consultants ready to answer any questions you might have about the automated underwriting software platform.

You’ll receive fully calculated excel reports in a matter of minutes, allowing you to determine the financial risks and returns of any potential deal.

Benefits of Automated Underwriting

  • Saving you time.
  • Ability to analyze deals in a few minutes instead of a few hours or weeks.
  • The software has set calculations. Eliminating human error.Giving you true numbers.
  • Analyze deals with a clear picture of the possible risks and returns.
  • Lenders can provide quicker approvals due to having the loan due diligence completed in minutes.
  • Deal volume can increase exponentially, allowing brokers, investors, and lenders to increase profits even faster.
  • Saving you money by allowing you to be ready with financing when opportunities arise.

With extensive knowledge of financial modeling and real estate analysis, an automated underwriting software platform, like the Services Hub from Clik.ai, can give you the data you need.

See the automated underwriting software platform in action.

Why Should you get Automated Underwriting from Clik.ai?

Clik.ai has been helping Commercial Real Estate investors, brokers, lenders, and managers with automated underwriting since 2017 and have helped identify $12 Billion in commercial real estate opportunities.

By working with the Servicing Hub, Commercial Real Estate investors and lenders can reduce operating expenses, stay competitive, free up time to focus on customer relationships, and spend time on deal analysis rather than automated underwriting.

When looking for an automated underwriting company, consider the Services Hub. Our on-demand team of commercial real estate analysts are experts in automated underwriting, lease abstractions, lease audits, mortgage servicing, and much more.