, Automated Underwriting For Commercial Real Estate

Easily prepare your loan underwriting model allows you to underwrite commercial real estate loans within minutes. It's Proprietary technology prepares industry standard loan models instantly and drastically cuts down hours of manual work for extracting financials from Operating Statements, Rent Rolls and Trailing statements.

Perfect for all types of commercial properties, lenders and loans

Built with capabilities to underwrite loan models for all types of properties

Security is not just a feature. It's in Clik's DNA.

Our platform not only meet compliance requirements but also exceed them.

We exactly know how to handle the sensitive financial and personal data.

Powered by AWS

AWS provides several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and controlled network access. This includes connectivity options that enable private or dedicated connections from your office or on-premises environment.

End-To-End SSL Encryption

SSL encryption secures the sensitive customer data to prevent unauthorised access and rogue attacks, with an additional layer of security to your data. The transmission of sensitive data is achieved using server-side encryption.

Logging & Monitoring

Automated logging of the activity trail occurring on the platform to monitor and track unusual behavior. Fortified security posture and continuous scrutiny of events to reduce the risk profile.