Built for CRE Brokers, Lenders & Servicers empowers CRE brokers and lenders to more efficiently perform loan underwriting.
It dramatically cuts down turnaround time with automated data extraction and analysis.

Linked Excel Underwriting Model

As industry heavily relies upon excel, generates excel based underwriting model along with web reports.

Intuitive User-Interface

Customize your deals as per your needs. From multiple document upload to final report generation, platform requires minimalistic effort.

Reduced Time To Market

Enable quicker turnaround, allowing you to close deal faster. Be the first to deliver loan packages back to your clients!

Better Productivity

Deliver productivity gains of 70% over manual loan underwriting and completely eliminates manual data entry

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Upload financial documents

Upload multiple financial documents (TTM, Rent Roll, OS) in any format

Simple Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop system lets you upload financial documents in seconds.

Upload Multiple Documents In Any Format

Lets you upload multiple documents in any format.

Personal & Secured Data Storage

The uploaded documents are stored in your personal and secured data storage.

Automated Extraction of Key Financials

Clik engine extracts key financials from TTM, OS & Rent Roll and classifies line items for further analysis.

Fast And Accurate Extraction

Clik engine extracts key financials in seconds with more than 99% accuracy.

Industry Standard Classification For Each Asset Class

Clik engine has learned from more than 6 mn sample classifications to map line items accurately.

Flexible User Interface

Flexibility to change classification and check extraction provides more confidence when you underwrite.

Download loan model in
excel format

Clik engine performs underwriting instantly and provides a downloadable excel based loan model with CF, CF summary, TTM, Rent Roll tab, TI/LC calculations, loan sizing tab and sensitivity analysis based on DY, DSCR, LTV and many more parameters.

Industry Standard Valuation Model

Instant loan valuation based on multiple parameters (LTV, DSCR, DY) and standard cashflow forecasting approach.

Sync Back

Server side sync functionality to reflect changes in excel models back to the server.

Share With Your Team

Our platform makes it easier to share the loan model with other team members.

Customizable Loan Underwriting Model

We provide flexibility to make change in loan model as per your needs.